Zina Hall (ZH 32)

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Untitled (ZH 32), 2020
Embroidered textile
19.5x20.5 inches
Framed in matte white frame + UV plexiglass



Born 1964, Shreveport, Louisiana
Has practiced at Creative Growth since 2006

Born in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1964, Zina Hall came to Creative Growth in 2006. Already an adept quilter, she quickly translated those skills into her embroidery practice. Hall’s work often acts as a tool for memorializing and immortalizing those that are close to her. Portraits of her parents, husband, and even herself as a child, celebrate the intimacy and eternal love of family and cherished moments in time. Hall also creates embroidered interpretations of her favorite TV shows such as The Golden Girls and Sanford and Son, as well as musical icons like Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, and Barry White. 

Hall works from photographs by either tracing the subject’s contours and details onto fabric with a sharpie while keeping the photo next to her for reference, or sewing through the photo itself on the fabric. The economy of means in her selective palette and tight stitch work delivers the drama and significance of a grand tapestry while capturing essential details of her beloved figures. While choosing to create single pieces most of the time, Hall will occasionally revisit her quilting skills and stitch several pieces together for large wall hangings.

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