William Tyler (WT 218)

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William Tyler Untitled (WT 218), 2017 Colored pencil and ink on paper 22.325x30 inches Matte white frame
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Born: 1954, Cincinnati, Ohio
Has practiced at Creative Growth since 1978

William Tyler has been an artist at Creative Growth since 1978. His precise, ordered ink drawings consist of personal narratives in the form of repeated patterns and dense blocks of text. William's uncanny ability to recall events and dates from his life and the world around him is evident on the page through his long and poetic stories. He will often include his own self-portrait in the work, most often side-by-side with his twin brother Richard. Upon close reflection of William's oeuvre, each piece is wholly distinct in its content and detail. While his palette is typically limited to black and white, the repetition of his lines create extraordinary visual textures with neatly drawn stippling, thin and tidy lines, and complex pattern-making. Much of Tyler's work examines the ideas of 'right' and 'wrong,' with detailed examples. He then evaluates a synthesis of objects, actions, news, and personal narratives on his moral scale - 'NO MORE CALENDARS; NO SWIMMING; NO MORE NAKED.'

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