Tony Pedemonte (TPe 116)

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Article code TPe 116
Untitled (TPe 116), 2016
Acrylic on paper
22.5x30 inches
Framed in matte white frame + UV plexiglass
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Born:1954, Oakland, California
Has practiced at Creative Growth since 2009

Tony Pedemonte constructs armatures of wood and recycled materials that he then wraps in layers of yarn and thread until the structure is nearly concealed. Tony works with high energy and intention - never pausing to consider his next move, just following his own intuition. Despite comparison to Creative Growth artist Judith Scott, Tony's process and finished work is entirely different from Scott's (whom he never met), demonstrated by their tactile and enigmatic presence. Like his sculptures, his works on paper begin with a drawn figure that he obscures with frenzied mark making and sweeping gestures that cover his workspace and reach beyond the paper's edge. Watching Tony work is like an athletic or performative feat - his practice is grounded by the use of his body as a tool for expression.

Please contact [email protected] for any questions regarding this artwork and any other inquiries.