The Poem is Telling Me I Remember

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The Poem is Telling Me I Remember
Poems from Creative Growth Art Center
Edited by Lorraine Lupo
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The Poem is Telling Me I Remember
Poems from Creative Growth Art Center
Edited by Lorraine Lupo

Poetry Must Go On!
Open the book and read the first page
Dogs go crazy when it goes pow pow
Dogs are wagging and chasing their tails
A group of people are writing a poem together
A page by page collage, and each time you turn a page it’s a whole new experience
A circular spaceship of the book takes you everywhere
Blast off! The book is like a rocket
This is the best book for you to buy, this is the perfect one
It’s like opening a gate
C’mon on in!
The book is far far away in the galaxy of lights, camera and action
You’re kicking things up a notch in space
It’s going to be epic


The result of Creative Growth’s first poetry program, The Poem is Telling Me I Remember is a chapbook that features poems collectively composed by Creative Growth artists during 2019–20. The poetry program consists of unique collaborative writing workshops facilitated by poet-in-residence Lorraine Lupo and guest poet Kostas Anagnopoulos. Poems featured in the book are beautifully illustrated with art from the Creative Growth Studio. Proceeds from sales of the book support the program.

Listen to the artists read their poems on our website!

Contributors: Juan Aguilera, Joseph Alef, Avery Babon, Todd Blair, Chris Corr-Barberis, Lauren Dare, Heather Edgar, D’Lisa Fort, Sher-ron Freeman, Jorge Gomez, Mayra Gonzalez, Matthew Hatae, Bruce Howell, Nathaniel Jackson, Cedric Johnson, Gail Lewis, Larry Randolph, Elizabeth Rangel, Jessica Rodriguez, William Scott, Dinah Shapiro, Joe Spears, Nicole Storm, Julie Swartout, Tanisha Warren, Kathy Zhong. 

Artwork by: Rickie Algarva, Terri Bowden, Kim Clark, Carlos Fernandez, Jorge Gomez, Jason Jackson, Susan Janow, Jane Kassner, Paulino Martin, Aurie Ramirez, Larry Randolph, Peter Salsman, William Scott, Dinah Shapiro, Julie Swartout, Ron Veasey, Edwin Zalenski, Ying Ge Zhou.

56 pages
7x8.5 inches
Paperback, perfect bound
Full color, digital
Edition of 500

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