Terri Bowden HS22.232

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Untitled (HS22.232), 2022
Prismastix and marker on paper
15 H x 11.25 W
On this white page we see the head and neck of a person with pink skin, and rosy cheeks, created by various light lines varying in direction and intensity. Their two eyes look upwards, with eyelashes and thin black eyebrows above their gaze. The person has thin lips colored a sharp red. Their chin is a strong square shape with a dimple right in the middle. A straight nose sits in the center of the face, with a pointed but rounded tip. We can only see the person's right ear, as their head is turned enough to hide the left ear. Long wavy black hair is pulled back out of the person's face, revealing a thing sideburn, but is let loose over where their shoulders would be, and with a strand falling over their left eye. This is Michael Jackson.

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