Sherrie Aradanas HS22.240

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Untitled (HS22.240), 2022
Colorpencil on paper
15.5 H x 22.25 W
4 people standing, arms at their sides. A line divides the 4 people into two on the left with a yellow background drawn with vertical and horizontal lines, and two people on the right with pink vertical and horizontal lines. The yellow and pink lines vary in thickness, some drawn thinner where you can see more of the black paper beneath the colorful lines. Of the people on the left, one is wearing blue pants with a big belt buckle, no shirt, and a smile. Their short black hair, black eyebrows and black eyes contrast their white eyes and teeth. The other person on the left, standing to the right of the person previously described, wears a grey tank top with the words "Peoples 7 Cromp" in pink and orange text, and red pants. This persons mouth is open, eyes wide, no hair. Of the people on the right with the pink background, one wears a long sleeve collared shirt, patterned with pink lines and pink buttons, and blue pants. They have no hair, have pink eyes and a smile. The person on their right has white spiky hair, white glasses, and a white mustache. They're wearing a long sleeve dark orange shirt with a white tank top with a v-neck cut on top of the sweather, along with green pants.

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