Ray Vickers (RV 146)

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Article code RV 146
Untitled (RV 146), ND
Ink on paper
11x12 inches
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Born: 1987, Oakland, California
Has practiced at Creative Growth since 2009

Ray Vickers’ visual world is filled with anthropomorphic rabbits, Marvel superheroes, and his own graphic motifs. These drawings are a way to live vicariously: “I like to live in my own world twenty-four-seven. You can’t get in trouble if you live in your own world,” says Vickers. He often synthesizes his own day-to-day interactions with fantasy plotlines that reinvent himself as a vigilante superhero and that explores his experiences with discrimination and heroism (Ray is well-known as a savior of stray animals). The comic book version of Vickers, masked and caped, has the ability to exercise his strict moral code, fight crime, and restore justice. Vickers also plays out his comic book narratives with a darker twist in the form of dead and vengeful rabbits. These “dead bunnies” are a staple in his visual language, as are eyeballs, eight balls, arrows, and hands. These images repeat in a dynamic street style that fill the paper.

Please contact [email protected] for any questions regarding this artwork and any other inquiries.