Lulu Sotelo HS22.204

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Untitled (HS22.204), 2022
Acrylic on paper
15 H x 22 W
Lulu Sotelo depicts two people in her classic style. The figure on the left has brown skin, green feathery hair, small red earrings, flowers on their open palms, a green shirt with six red hearts, and a big round pink skirt that covers her legs and feet. The figure on the right has brown skin, black hair, small red earrings, a purple ascot or scarf, a green, a short orange dress with seven red hearts, white socks and simple blue shoes. The left figure stands before a solid green background while that abruptly turns into solid purple that the right figure stands before.They stand upright with arms outstrechted at 90 degree angles, as do most of Sotelo's characters.

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