Larry Randolph HS22.370

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Untitled (HS22.370), 2021
Pen and color pencil on paper
11 H x 17 W
This Larry Randolph piece uses colored pencil to create a tray of deciduous desserts. The bottom 4/5 is a spread of rolls and other treats contained in a thin white frame. Other small windows of treats float above. The left-most are black textured buns with a label that reads, "Spring Silver Bunny", then a window of two gray treats and a "Spring silvery bunny" label. The center window has two black and white treats and a label that reads, "spring silver bunny". Two trays of round treats are on the right, with labels that read, "Spring Silver Bunny". At the very top is a block of text: "Save up for the bakery and pastry day from spring silver bunny". Signed in the bottom right.

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