Larry Randolph HS22.369

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Untitled (HS22.369), 2021
Pen and color pencil on paper
14 H x 8.5 W
Larry Randolph creates a sweet portrait of The Bownette Sisters, labeled as such as the top in blue block letters. The two women with black, done-up hair stand in matching yellow dresses, smiling. They wear yellow heels and stand before a striped background of light yellows, blues, browns, and tans. A yellow, vertical envelope-like label at their left feet read, "Lanae Bownette" and "Lanette Bownette". Near the right sister's knees, black text reads, "Back in 2012 9 years ago". Signed in the bottom left corner "1-7-22 by Larry Randolph". Blue block text at the bottom says, "Teresa [dot] Bownetts".

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