Larry Randolph HS22.368

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Untitled (HS22.368), 2021
Pen and color pencil on paper
8.5 H x 14 W
Larry Randolph draws a group of felines, feline faces, and feline masks in this colorful color pencil piece. To the left are a face mask and eye mask with clearly cat eyes/ears. A bubble of teal text says above them, "cat mask". In the center is a large green cat with a red nose and with brown spots, similar to a giraffe's. The facial features of a cat loom in a blue bubble around it. On the right, a tan cat and head of a foxy cat float, along with text bubbles that read, "The proud day for the cats/ Debbie the girl cat", "proud to be of I am girl cat I am Debbie" and "By Larry Randolph 1-4-22".

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