John Martin HS22.466-470

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Collection of Five Untitled Works (HS22.466, HS22.467, HS22.468, HS22.469, HS22,470), 2022
Acrylic on canvas panel
6 H x 6 W

In this small acrylic on canvas John Martin presents a hood of a truck, the two front tires as well as the cab. It is drawn with pizzaz and accented throughout with a black pen. The truck is filled with bright red paint whereas the tires are finished with blue, black and yellow. The cab of the truck is made up of the same blue as the tires.


This small canvas by John Martin depicts a pig’s head which takes up almost the whole picture plane. The pig’s face is filled in with brownish-red paint. Details are placed in the head with a black sharpie including the cutest ears ever, an adorable nose and black button eyes.The mouths is drawn in a dynamic way with thick black lips and teeth. The inside of the mouth is done in bright fluorescent pink.


This small canvas by John Martin pictures a happy man with a big smile across his face. His face is wide and is drawn with brick red with a flattened nose. His eyes and brows are rendered
with dark black lines. He sports a flat top hairstyle and boxer’s ears. His turtleneck wraps around his neck


This acrylic on canvas is John Martin’s rendition of a nail clipper. It is a small square with the white of the canvas providing the background. The composition is one where the object runs from upper right corner to the bottom left corner. The clipper is painted a solid cerulean blue. The details within the blue are drawn with black lines.


This small square painting is John Martin’s favorite subject-TOOLS! Thrusting forth from the upper right corner is a blue knife handle. The middle part is a horizontal band attaching the shaft of the knife with the blade. The lower half is the blade of the knife reaching all the way across to the lower left of the picture plane.  

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