George Wilson HS22.098

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Untitled (HS22.098), 2022
Prisma stix on paper
15 H x 22.5 W
A collection of figures and creatures are showcased in this enigmatic George Wilson piece created with Prisma Stix on paper. The background of the work is a solid deep, canary yellow. In the foreground we see a Black person with brown skin, a stylish, wide brimmed green hat, wearing a blue striped shirt. They have no facial features or expression, just a mysterious blank visage. We see the person just from the torso and above, and they are encircled by a dark green half-circle around their waist that floats in the air. To the right of the figure is what looks to be a window split into two panels; three people are visible in this square space that might represent a window, their arms reaching out of the frame to perhaps hold the ledge. Layered abstractly over the three people are two ghostly, hovering faces–one grey and one purple. A small, lime green bird also peeks out from the assemblage within the window grid.

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