Dan Hamilton (DH 42)

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Untitled (DH 42), 1988
Acrylic on paper
17.325x23 inches

Born 1952, Argentina
Has practiced at Creative Growth since 1975

Dan Hamilton has achieved great technical and creative skills in painting, drawing, ceramics, and textiles during his tenure in Creative Growth’s Studio. Hamilton’s paintings and drawings are characterized by their flat perspective and dedication to solid color forms. With clearly defined lines that carefully surround each color field, Hamilton’s figurative works, consisting primarily of animals, landscapes, and buildings, are not vastly different from his abstract works. Hamilton approaches ceramic sculpture with the same efficiency by hand-building large minimalistic animals and “loaves,” and covering them with just one or two high gloss colors. These formidable ceramics are irresistibly thick and smooth, with swaths of color that rise and bulge within their organic forms.

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