Chris Corr-Barberis (CCB 17)

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Untitled (CCB 17), 2017
Ink on paper
11.25x15 inches

Born 1986, Takoma Park, Maryland
Has practiced at Creative Growth since 2013

Chris Corr-Barberis makes lists of free associative text on old shopping receipts and found scraps of paper that he compiles in stacks. Corr-Barberis’ compositions read something like a newspaper, with long sections of text based on his notes, large headlines, and sporadic ink drawings that create rhythmic patterns across the page. His texts tend to be loosely based on themes of personal reflection, social commentary, conversations he overhears, task lists, and contemplation of “the real and the unreal.” Occasionally, he will omit text entirely, leaving his diagram-like drawings in a field of purposeful negative space.

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