Cedric Johnson HS22.013

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Untitled (HS22.013), 2022
Mixed media on paper
30 H x 22.25 W
Multi-colored portrait drawing of four individuals split into two opposite facing orientations on the paper. To one side of the drawing is an image of three individuals framed by an orange and blue background. The individual in the middle appears in a femine aesthetic with a pink shirt and a light blue scarf wrapped around the neck, slightly faced towards us. This figure leans into the person to their left who presents in a masculine aesthetic and is wearing a suit with orange and brown coloring across the sleeves with a pink and white coloring for the color and front chest. This individual also wears a pair of glasses and slightly smiles with a gaze faced towards us, the viewers. Behind the individual in pink there's a face of a figure with multi-colored skin and voluminous pink hair. On the other side, opposite the drawing of these three figures, we see a picture of a masculine presenting individual wearing a top hat and with an inviting and chearful smile. This individual is set behind a multi-colored backgrund of orange, yellows, red, green, and pink lines creating a vibrant background that mirrors the warm and inviting smile.

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