Cedric Johnson HS22.012

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Untitled (HS22.012), 2022
Mixed media on paper
30 H x 22.25 W
Portrait of a middle-aged couple standing in a doorway. He stands on the left, holding her protectively and looking out of the frame toward the audience. She, held in his arms, rest her hand against his chest and leans into him, looking down. Her hair is brown, her face is painted in yellowy beige tones, with blue lines of detail, and pink shading. Her clothing is bluish white. His face is pink, with brown shading, his hair is short and neat. He wears a blue green grey dad jumper, with abstract patterns, lines, dots, cross-hatching. His hand, much whiter than his face, is in the foreground, and holds her within the image. With complex coloring and detailed patterns, the couple appear in strong contrast against the paintings light watery background. Unsigned

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