Carlos Fernandez HS22.021

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Untitled (HS22.021), 2022
Gel pen and prismastix on paper
15 3/8 H x 10.5 W
Against dense rough red on black background a golden figure sits on the ground, back straight and legs outstretched, arms, that appear wrapped, hang by its sides. Drawn from the profile, the figure faces the left, they sit thoughtfully, at rest, just off centre of the image. Its animal or masked head looks towards its feet. They are golden, made with the similar pismastix marks as the background, and detailed with looping white continuous lines, expressing a physical outline, an animalistic head, perhaps wearing a pelt or mask, hands, ears, facial features, toes. The lines hold a sense of being drawn at speed, of free spiritedness and of myth. Working upon a black background as the color becomes deeper and richer, it brings a sense of light to the image, long rubbing strokes are made moving outwards side to side, top to bottom. They reach the end of the page and meet the figure with a sense of care, holding them in an energised space.Signed Carlos Fernandez in white capitals, bottom centre

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