Carlos Fernandez HS22.020

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Untitled (HS22.020), 2022
Gel pen and prismastix on paper
14.75 H x 10.5 W
This image holds an asbstract figure (or figures) made of irregular blocks of color, each color outlined in white. The bottom left half is white, then black, topped with a pinkish cape-like shape very reminiscent of fabric, and finished with a headless torso in blue. The figure(s) are against a rough brown background, the drawing marks creating an energised space that reaches the edge of the page. Two limbs (one black one white) touch the flour, and two others in blue, reach out like arms. One small dark circle sits between the shoulders. The figure(s) hold a mythological quality, satre-like in it's fluidity, it shifts between ideas of animal and human. Signed Carlos Fernandez in white gel-pen capitals

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