Bruce Howell (BT 882)

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Article code BT 882
­Untitled (BT 882), 2020
Hand painted jumpsuit, fits up to size 8

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Born: 1954, Oakland, California
Has practiced at Creative Growth since 1975

One of Creative Growth's earliest participants, Bruce Howell has developed a distinct and expressive set of imagery that he employs in multiples. His motifs are often repeated across the page and saturates the negative space with color. His vernacular is consistently idyllic and reflects his interests: people engaging in various activities, fruit, animals and houses. These images in multiple create a rhythmic and colorful harmony in his signature flattened perspective. His linework recalls the visual effect of a jigsaw puzzle or a tessellation. Bruce works most prolifically on paper with many media including watercolor, ink, and acrylic, and is also a proficient ceramicist.

Please contact [email protected] for any questions regarding this artwork and any other inquiries.