Aurie Ramirez HS22.385

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Untitled (HS22.385), 2021
Watercolor on paper
15 H x 11 W
This Aurie Rameriez watercolor on paper piece depicts a half-human, half animal form. The upper body of this creature, that could be inspired by a centaur, is of a woman adorned in KISS makeup with dark, volumnous hair and a naked chest. A pair of small feathered wings grow from her back, as do animal ears and a set of horns from the top of her head. The lower half of the creature's body is of a fluffy, four-legged animal, much like a sheep or lamb. A small, classic Aurie KISS face moon decorates the hindquarters of the body, while tiny grey hooves are visble at the ends of the centaur-like creatures legs.

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