Aurie Ramirez (AR 96)

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Untitled (AR 96), 2008
Watercolor and ink on paper
15x22 inches

Born 1962, Sangley Point, Philippines
Has practiced at Creative Growth since 1997

Aurie Ramirez’s sophisticated and delicately rendered watercolor and ink compositions create a fantasy world of 18th century dandyism, neo-Victorian decorum, psychedelia, glam rock sex, and anthropomorphic food. With imagery ranging the full spectrum from saccharine landscapes with smiling suns to punk fetishism and hardcore erotica, Ramirez explores sexuality, fashion, violence, and forbidden foods. Ramirez’s work has been exhibited at galleries and museums internationally, including White Columns and Gavin Brown’s enterprise in New York; Jack Hanley Gallery, Los Angeles; ABCD, Paris; Collection de l’Art Brut, Switzerland; and MADmusée, Belgium.

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