Aurie Ramirez AR 347

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Untitled (AR 347), 2017
In this ink drawing by Aurie Ramirez, a feminine figure with large dark hair stands on the left side of the image, with words positioned to the side of them along the left edge. The words read out out "KISS" in black stylized text, and below "KISS" in yellow stylized text. below that there are two rows of letters which spell out "daldddlad" and below that there are some characters that resemble numbers. Vertically along the left side of the figure, going down to the bottom of the left side of the page are letters spelling out "Saacceennuussy", one letter after another. The figure is colored in black and white, with red lips, and red tinged decolletage. The face makeup resembles that of rock band KISS, with a white face and a black star shape around the left eye. They are wearing large silver star shaped earrings and a black studded collar necklace with a silver star pendent attached. The silver star is reiterated throughout the rest of the outfit, attached to a studded belt around the waist, and as an embellishment on the light-grey, skintight studdled dress, which features a deep-V neckline and slits up the sides. The figure appears to be wearing high black studded boots, with stars on the sides.

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