Aurie Ramirez - AR 302 - UF

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Untitled (AR 302), ND
Aurie Ramirez's cool toned drawing is of a fancy feminine figure dressed in purple, blue and pink. The figure is wearing a headpiece featuring white flowers with yellow centers, and little sticks with what appears to be bells reaching out over the top of their head. They are looking coyly up towards the center top of the image. Their outfit is a striped vest top with alternating blue, pink, and grey colors, revealing their navel in a hole around the midriff. They are wearing a ruffled cream colored neck collar and a single blue glove with a similar ruffle around the wrist. They have a large tattoo on the upper right arm, of a circular face sporting the same makeup as them, with blue triangles above and below the eyes, pink circles on the cheeks, and red lips. The figure is also wearing high pink socks with a blue garter belt, with a ruffle around the upper right thigh, and have a ribboned train of pink and blue. They are wearing short blue socks with little mary jane flats with little white flowers on them that match the head piece.

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