Aurie Ramirez - AR 301 - UF

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Untitled (AR 301), ND
Aurie Ramirez's cool toned drawing is of a fancy feminine figure dressed in purple, blue and pink head feathers, with some white petaled and yellow centered daisies on top of the head. Their outfit includes a blue garter and tights, a blue and pink round target shaped brassiere, pink platform boots, and long gloves. The outfit also features a train of shades of blue, pink, and purple. This outfit leaves a bare midriff and upper arms and legs painted a very pale pink skin tone. Their hair falls just below shoulde length, and the left is colored yellow, while the right side is left the color of the white background paper. Their face looks coyly up towards the right corner of the image, and is a white color, with blue triangle undereye makeup, and pink circles on the cheeks, remniscant of stage makeup.

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