Andrea Leber HS22.032

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Untitled (HS22.032), 2022
Paint pen on paper
12 H x 18 W
Andrea Leber's untitled piece features colored pencil figures and objects, primarily Christmas themed, on white paper. Next to each figure and object is a corresponding label to clarify ("reindeer", "santa clause", "angel", "christmas", "snowman"). Some labels are more general and appear to describe the seasonal elements ("fire put" "hot chocolate"). A list of the words that appear in the image: reindeer, chocolate bars, sticks, skewers, fire pit, angel, hot chocolate, carrots, sleeping bag, amy, jamie, pajamas, peppermint, bourbon, bourboune, eggnog rum, plain, stocking, cocoo, christmas, snomen, smores, 22 days until, marshmallows, candy bars, graham crackers

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