Alice Wong (AW 290)

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Article code AW 290
­Untitled (AW 290), ND
Acrylic on record sleeve
12.25x12.25 inches

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Born: 1980, Hong Kong
Has practiced at Creative Growth since 2003

Alice Wong was born in Hong Kong in 1980, and came to Creative Growth in 2003 when she moved to California with her family. Alice concentrated on drawing and ceramics until 2013, when she began drawing on a series of vintage photographs using thick enamel and acrylic markers. Alice has since become known for her photographic transformations. Using blocks of color to enhance or obscure her subjects, an approach reminiscent of Baldessari's work, Alice forces the viewer to search for contextual clues and meaning by both orienting the viewer and suggesting abstraction. Vividly saturated, Alice's interpretations of vintage and historical photographs breathe new life into static compositions. With a preference for Victorian and mid-century subject matter, Alice transforms the concept of nostalgia into living documentation.

Please contact [email protected] for any questions regarding this artwork and any other inquiries.